Our Junior Tour is a fun way to learn both the Athletic and Tennis Skills needed for Long Term Development. Split into 2 basic groups, our Junior Tour offers a 12&Under program and 13&Over program.

For the 12&U, we take all youngsters
on a “tour” – a series of basic athletic exercises and skills, progressing to more advanced skills, adding more specific tennis skills along the way. Each level has its own curriculum and evaluation to pass, and kids are encouraged to collect skills stamps in their Tour Passport at their own pace. We take the early developing Pre-K all the way to the Jr Team Tennis.

Our Intros Program is for kids 4-8 and consists of a 2 day / week program that introduces the basic Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed needed for Tennis, the sport of a lifetime. Youngsters are taken thru Athletic obstacle course with Tennis Specific exercises and team skills as well as given basic Racket & Ball exercises.

Once the junior is ready, the future is in the Futures group. With more advanced exercises & more on-court tennis drills, young players are taught the fundamentals in an interactive and fun way. The day finishes up an athletic game or group activity with the Athletic theme or Tennis skill being emphasized.

Challengers is the next stop on the Junior Tour. Challengers are rallying 12&Under players using either Orange or Green transition balls. These junior players are performing complex coordination exercises, working on the various Ball Controls for execution and being taught solid technique and grips now that the rally is understood. Challengers aspire to join one of our Jr USTA Tennis Teams here at LifeTime.

For the 13&Over (7th Grade & beyond), we have our Junior Development levels 1 and 2. JD 1 is a smaller instructional group that gets the junior to rally with good fundamentals. The goal of JD1 is to rally, with solid technique. This program uses athletic development exercises to introduce the new skills to help develop better & more efficient. Once they have passed the needed Athletic & Tennis Skills, the junior is now ready for JD2.

JD2 is for the junior who has sufficient fundamentals and is live-ball ready. Ball controls (Depth, Direction, Spin & Height) and advanced Athletic Development comprise the overview of this group. This level is ideal for the junior who cannot yet commit to the tournament schedule and 3 days/wk of the HP group, but still has goals of making the HS tennis team. Note: HP HS is possible for all JD 2 players who pass the various criteria for entrance into the HP group.